Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Things I am scared of:
  1. Quotas (for anyone) in education and industry: We will be condemned for another 5 generations to be an under-developed country. I have seen Government interference destroy an entire industry (e.g., manganese ore mining) and an entire institution (e.g., the erstwhile National Centre for Software Technology).
  2. Trends in education: Where is our educational system headed if the focus in not on curriculum and infrastructure improvement but rather on aspects of petty and narrow importance? Where is our educational system headed if the horizons are defined by politicians of stunted values, retarded intellect and peurile vision? The Karnataka Government attempts to pollute the University Syndicate by having its own dark horses on it. Claiming to be academicians of all things! Bah! Who decides on the fate of meritorious students? A committee that includes someone with the academic caliber of Sharad Pawar. Under any other circumstances, one could have had a good laugh, but with dark prospects threatening the competitive edge of the country, one can only hope for the best.