Friday, September 23, 2011

Good Work, Goa Police!

Unlike my other posts, this one is not humorous, introspective, sarcastic or reflective. This one is a grim, true story.

Often, we hear of incompetence, shoddiness, bungling and apathy on part of the Police - whether in Goa or elsewhere. It may stem from a lack of skills, lack of willingness, lack of diligence, lack of integrity, whatever... you get the picture. And it's a rather prevalent picture.

The same "energy" that fuels my angst when I hear of such incidents is fueling my obligation now - along with other factors - to recognize and publicize some outstanding work that Goa Police did this week.

Earlier this week, on 19th Sept., a 10-year-old was kidnapped from outside his school in Margao, at 1:30PM. Goa Police employed a combination of good old police work and surprising tact & professionalism instead of plain force to effect a successful rescue and nab the pieces of human garbage that perpetrated this crime. In just about 4 hours, the boy was rescued and by 8:30PM he was home after a 25km. journey and after completing all the police paperwork and procedures.

To cut a long story short, Goa Police swung into action in no time. They deployed 4 teams of plain-clothes policemen, hired 4 private cars so as to not arouse suspicion, worked with cell service providers to trace the call and place a real-time track on the kidnappers' movements and had clearly anticipated possible moves by the kidnappers. They reportedly sealed the borders as well when the cell movement indicated an eastward path. Indeed, the final rescue required them to move to Plan B since the kidnappers put paid to Plan A at the last minute. Whether they did go in with a Plan B in the first place or not, they did come up with one.

Moreover, going by all reports, all this happened without any reward being offered or sought. And no strings pulled. The victim reached out and Goa Police answered their call of duty.

While one does not want such incidents happening anywhere to anyone, hopefully, this will raise the bar. And hence, confidence. Of Goa Police in itself and of the public at large. Hopefully, the perpetrators will remain behind bars without any attempts by "vested interests" to "influence" a milder outcome. Hopefully, this will become Goa Police's norm and will extend to spheres other than child-related crimes as well.

Good work, Goa Police! I salute you on this one.