Sunday, March 29, 2015

There's no flavour like nostalgia

"Diana", a restaurant in Udupi, is one of those legendary restaurants that has served multiple generations of many families - mine included. It was first introduced to me earlier than the "start of my memory" - perhaps by my maternal uncle. It made eating out fashionable even in the day when eating out was clearly unfashionable. My Dad unfailingly accommodated my agenda of visiting Diana at least once on every visit to Udupi.

Earlier this month, I happened to visit Diana after a gap of nearly 8 years. Of course, they've moved from their "flagship location" at "Diana Circle" (which still continues to be called that) to their own swanky building now with tailor-made interiors; and have expanded way beyond just a restaurant. But other than that, it was still the same. I couldn't tell for sure whether the furniture was the same, but the waiters were. So was the menu. And most satisfyingly, so was the flavour of their food.

Unbelievable consistency
for the last 30 years
(please pardon the quality of the picture)
The visit was even more memorable because it also marked the introduction of the restaurant - and my favourite items on their menu - to the third generation of the family: my son.

As I heartily tucked in the food and watched my son do the same by my side - with my Dad sitting across the table from us - the flavour in my mouth generated a million memories in a span of few seconds.

And that was some food for thought for me: that there's no flavour like nostalgia.