Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chiquita Sundae: Phenori with ice-cream

I picked up a "Chiquita Sundae" from Chevy's tonight for dessert and stashed it away in the freezer - in a bid surprise my wife - so she & I could have it after the little fellow was off to sleep.

And now that the little fellow has indeed gone off to sleep, I got the 'Chiquita Sundae' out of the freezer.

It is - according to Chevy's online menu - a "rich vanilla ice-cream in a sweet cinnamon boat topped with our homemade Cajeta or homemade Chocolate-Kahlua sauces and whipped cream". This is the first time I've eaten a "Chiquita Sundae". The "cinnamon boat" tastes a lot like 'phenori' - a Konkani delicacy that is much like the 'chiroti' and is usually a common delicacy during Ganesh Chaturthi (though the 'phenori' doesn't have cinnamon).

I have no hesitation in recommending this to anyone who likes desserts. And I'm wondering why I never thought of 'phenori' with ice-cream before. Slurp!

To my wife, who fell asleep trying to put the little fellow to sleep: if you haven't yet charged out of your seat by now on reading this, you'll find the other half waiting in the refrigerator. The half that I generously left for you after successfully fighting temptation. Well, not quite an arithmetically-accurate "half", but at least you'll know now what 'phenori' with ice-cream tastes like. Bon ap├ętit! :)


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Aparna S Mallya said...

The rough half of the dessert was very sweet. But not half as sweet as you :).